Black Rod

Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee and legislative centennial.

Four provincial legislatures use the Black Rod today which are New Brunswick, Alberta, Prince Edward Island and now Saskatchewan. Rods of office date back to 1774 in Canadian Legislative Council. Rick Mantey, Cabinet Secretary and Clerk of the Executive Council, has been appointed first Usher of the Black Rod. The Black Rod is carried on certain ceremonial occasions such as attendance upon the Queen, Governor General or Lieutenant Governor.

The construction is mostly sterling silver gilt with an oak shaft stained

black. The oak was personally delivered by HRH Prince Charles to the speaker of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly, Dan D’Autremont. The oak originates from the Duchy of Cornwall.

The symbols depicted on the Black Rod are:

  • The Queen’s Royal Cypher and Crown (with 60 diamonds saskatchewan mined)
  • A white tailed deer (inspired by The Arms of Saskatchewan)
  • The provincial motto: MULTIS E GENTIBUS VIRES
  • A first nations eagle, the circle of life, feathers, sweet grass and buffalo.
  • A globe with western red lillies
  • A Metis sash
  • The infinity symbol.
  • 100 Saskatchewan mined diamonds circle the equator, four of which are 1ct. diamonds placed on each quadrant of the four directions.
  • Finally, a wheat sheaf and 2005 Canadian maple leaf coin complete the base of this magnificent project.